The Big Four Oh

Yesterday I turned 40. Oh Em Gee. Forty is one of “those” ages that make you think a bit more about getting older. I still feel fairly young, but turning 40 makes you think a little bit more.

It was kind of a weird day. I woke up and felt kind of “meh” about things. I went off to work and nobody really mentioned it. Now I don’t really go looking for this type of attention, but a couple of my friends at work are very much on top of this type of thing. They make sure people know about it, will go get treats, etc. Only one of them mentioned it, and she didn’t mention the “40” part. We had a surprise company meeting and I went there and stood in the back of the room. One of the aforementioned persons had a spot up in the front and got me to sit up there. I nervously went up there and kept looking at her sideways just waiting for her to say something. The meeting ended and thankfully nothing was said and I went back to work for the day. Today (the next day) rolls around and they both came up and said they totally messed up. I thought it was actually pretty funny since they are normally so on top of it, but it was all good. We went to lunch with some other friends and it was a good time.

The rest of the day was kind of strange. I wasn’t sure how to feel. I have been very sad lately and this was kind of tough. I ended up going to the cemetery for a few minutes on the way home. I sat down on the ground and talked and cried a bit. It was tough not to have Jon here for my birthday (or any day, but…) but in some ways I felt better afterwards.

That night my wife and I didn’t have anything planned so when my mom called to wish me happy birthday and then asked if we wanted to go out for dinner we said “Yes.”  The four of us went to Champps (a sports bar type place) and took about an hour and a half to eat. It was a good time and we had some good talks. Everything was happy, which is rare. It was a really good time and it cheered me up.

When we got home my wife gave me my gifts which was the DVDs for “The Guild” and “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog”. I love these and it made me smile. We watched an episode of Supernatural and that was pretty much the night.

All in all it was a good, if slightly confusing, day. There were no new creaks or anything, although I think I’m going to have to get some reading glasses soon (ug). It was friends and family that made the day(s) and I thank them for it.

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  1. sirfwalgman Says:

    I think 40 is so big because when I was a kid and thought about my old man.. he was 40! Like the time I finally realized ages and stuff he was in his 40’s and he was old and sitting on the couch like a potato and watching boring news! I Was never getting that old dammit! heh.

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