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As we like to do, my wife and I decided to watch a couple of movies over the last couple of nights. We have a large library available in addition to Netflix so we have a lot of movies available. On Monday night I had a really tough time which caused us to turn things off. I was already having a tough couple of days then we watched “An American Werewolf in London” and there’s a bunch of talk to the main character about how he needs to commit suicide to end the werewolf chain. I was OK until a character said that he should use a gun because it’s reliable. We got through that OK, then started watching another movie.

We then started to watch “Extraordinary Measures”. I thought this would be a nice “feel good” type of movie. We lasted about 15 minutes before we turned it off. I couldn’t keep watching this story about a family losing their child. Yes, it’s a totally different situation, but I still could not watch it. I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore and we stopped.

Tuesday night we watched “Falling Down”, which, at least in a side story, involved Robert Duvall’s character losing a child.

After that we watched “Blood Work” which repeatedly showed a killer shooting a victim in the head. I had to turn away every time. I held it together, but it was tough.

The season finale of CSI: Miami repeatedly showed a woman being shot in the head.

It’s “interesting” how many movies have similar themes. Nothing like that has ever bothered me before. I’ve never had anything against violence in movies and I still don’t. I’m not calling for anything to be changed or am not against violent movies. None of this would have bothered me  two months ago. Now, depending on the day, I cannot even make it 15 minutes into a movie without breaking down and there are definite situations that cause me to at least turn away.

It’s just another of those weird things that you never think about, yet now changes your life and how you look at things.

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  1. Christine b Says:

    Yeah. Just, yeah. Livestrong.

  2. Caleb Bennett Says:

    Very awesome article! Honest.

  3. Gordon Lloyd Says:

    Incredibly interesting read. Honest.

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