My aching foot

Much to my chagrin, my wife’s cat (*ahem*) woke me up at about 5:30AM on Saturday. This is more or less normal, but still sucks on the weekend. As I started to roll out of bet to get the pissy cat some food I noticed the sharp pain in my left foot.

Crap, my plantar fasciitis is acting up again.

I hobbled out of bed, fed the cats and went back to the bedroom. I grabbed one of the splints I have and put it on. Too little too late, but it can’t hurt. The thing that’s stupid is that my lovely wife asked me last week if I had worn them lately and I acknowledged I hadn’t but I would then. Of course I didn’t. It’s probably been two months since I last wore them and that’s about the limit I can go now. If I wear them once a week every couple of weeks at bed then I don’t have problems.

Of course, I’ve had a few other things on my mind and my go to bed routine often has me “watching” TV for a couple of hours after my wife goes to bed. By that I mean I go out to the living room, flip on the TV, maybe pull up the laptop for some browsing and such, and watch some TV. And by “watch” I mean eventually lay down on the couch and fall asleep until about 2AM. Then I groggily head into the bedroom and fall asleep until the alarm goes off at 5:45. I am not always thinking clearly at 2AM and don’t always remember to wear the splints.

Plus it’s uncomfortable to wear them. Not so much the wearing, but it’s harder to sleep. It’s hard to roll over and get comfortable, especially if I wear both. These things are like big snow boots, but stiff to keep your foot flexed.

Oh, did I mention the cats?

Our cats sleep on the bed with us and there’s usually one curled between my legs or against me or something. This makes getting comfortable even more difficult. They’re so cute though, I feel bad moving them, so I do all sorts of contortions just so they stay comfortable.

Anyway, today has been spent hobbling around the house. I’ll be making sure to wear the splints tonight and hope that it clears up soon. It usually does if I take care of it and, at least for me, is preventable if I remember to wear them.

The past week has been OK. I’ve been taking care of some of the business side of things (more on that later), which is actually a tough thing to do. This side of things is starting to wind down, but there are a couple of big things left. You wouldn’t think there’d be much to do with a 21 year old who had no assets, but there’s more than you think. Today (Saturday) has been a little tough, and I always have problems on Sundays, so I’m already not looking forward to tomorrow. We’re getting through things though, it’s one day at a time though and every day is a challenge. Some days are better than others and you never quite know when things are going to hit.

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