Biggest Loser 2010: I won!

For the last few years a few of us at work have run a “Biggest Loser” contest to try to get us to lose some weight. It’s like an office pool, you pay in and the winner (based on percentage of body weight lost) gets most of the money. The same guy has won it the last couple of years, which caused this year’s participation to drop to just four people. This year we decided to make it more interesting by increasing the buyin to $200 and increasing the length of the contest to 5 months in hopes that it will actually cause people to change. You can earn some of that back based on the amount of weight you lose (3% you get $50 back, 6% is $100, 10% is $150, $50 always go to the winner).

I got off to a good start, and halfway through I had lost 25 pounds and was in the lead (we had monthly weigh ins). The previous winner was close though, and one of the other people had actually gained weight. However, over the last month I had bigger things on my mind and while I didn’t go crazy I didn’t worry about the diet. I had already started to plateau so I thought I lost, however the other guy had to go out of town for two weeks for some training. Thankfully he thought he thought that I was in the 12-15% range and basically gave up.

Today was the final weigh in and I lost 8% of my body weight (about 20 pounds) and the next guy was 7% so I barely won. Due to the way the payouts work I’m walking away with $450.

Now I just need to figure out something “fun” to get with it. I’m kind of thinking of an iPod Touch (despite the fact that my current old school iPod is still working). Could use the rest for a night at the ‘ol card club and be “that guy” and wear some sunglasses and iPod at the 2/4 tables.

I’m not done yet, i want to lose another 20 pounds, but now I’m going to add some exercise into things and not got so hardcore on the diet. I can do it, but right now it’s hard to think about dieting too much, but I know I’ll get back on track and it’ll start to come off again.

3 Responses to “Biggest Loser 2010: I won!”

  1. emily anderson Says:

    congrats!!! $450?!?!?! waaaay better things than an ipod touch, but thats just me.

  2. Chris Halverson Says:

    Much better things like what? I’m not tied to that, just trying to figure something out. I’m open to ideas. 🙂

  3. Shelly Says:

    Congratulations! That’s awesome! I think I’d take a mini-trip if I had $450 laying around, but I also do wish I had an iPod Touch (for the apps!)

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