A Relaxing Afternoon with T-Mobile

I just got back from the T-Mobile store to convert my wife’s prepaid cell to post paid on my account. I’m not sure we’re going to save all that much, if any, in the end but it will be easier to manage and it will give her a smart phone.

That in itself is a total cluster. First they say that they may not be able to let her keep her number. This is a prepaid T-Mobile number going to a post paid T-Mobile account. The guy (who was super helpful and patient and understanding) said that it always works going the other way, but not always this way. This makes no sense to me whatsoever, but we’re trying it anyway.

I switched a no contract family plan because I already had phones (I have the Google Nexus One and I am giving her my old G1). Then they said that I wouldn’t be able to convert back to a contract type plan if I changed my mind because the numbers wouldn’t port back that way. Again, this makes no sense. I still did it because usually if you pay full price for the phones you are coming out ahead by around month 18 anyway, so it’s not really a big deal long term.

So now she’s got 2 phones for 48-72 hours because they gave her a temporary number on the G1 while waiting for the old number to port. Wow, that’s convenient.

I attempted to do this over the phone and got to step 1a before I realized that it was going to be a total cluster and I told the CSR that I’d just go into a store to do it. Thankfully I did because it still took an hour to do it and was a bit confusing.

Oh, and in the process they removed the Internet from my phone. Awesome. The whole point of the Google phones is to have Internet, it’s basically worthless without it. The guy said, “Oh yeah, that happens sometimes during a plan conversion” but he got it put back before I left. Thankfully he knew it may happen and had me check before I left.

The whole process was just awesome 😛 Seriously, this shouldn’t be this hard. I’m still just crossing my fingers that the number ports correctly since that’s not a done deal yet.

The weather here has finally been good and I’ve been able to get out on my deck which I really enjoy. We grilled up some steaks last night and watched a movie. Nothing too exciting, just trying to get back to “normal”, whatever that is now.

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