Cleanup Day

Every year my city has what they call a “cleanup day”. They have a garbage company come out to the city and they subsidize getting rid of whatever you haul out there. We do this every year and you’d think that after a few years we’d run out of things to get rid off (that we couldn’t normally get rid of in our garbage), but inevitably there’s a few big things that we haul out in my van or my brother’s truck. This year they had cheap electronics disposal and I got rid of all my old “normal” TVs, not to mention about 25 cans of paint.

As I sat in the van waiting my turn I remembered last year’s cleanup day. Our son came along to help me unload and such. Sometimes the lines are long and we had to wait about 40 minutes that time. We had a good talk during that time. In retrospect, I probably should have talked about “serious” things, but we did have a good talk, even if it was about “stupid” things. When your child is 20 years old, any time with them even talking about unimportant things is a good time.

I had forgotten about that day until this morning. While it was hard to think about it, I did smile when I remembered it. It’s funny how when you look back, it’s the strangest places and circumstances where you may have time to talk with your kids. For those of you who still have the opportunity, make sure you make those times count.

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