Date Night

About a year ago my wife and I decided that we wanted to enhance our communication. We were dealing with some new things and needed to talk things through. We were also dealing with my wife being laid off, which added to the stress. We also determined that sometimes we communicated better outside of the house. Therefore we instituted “Date Night” to happen every Wednesday night.

We decided to go to the local pizza place/bar, Adagio’s Pizza Factory, because we wanted to be able to talk and just relax and not have to fight the dorks at the sports bar. We couldn’t have picked a better place. I can now fully understand the liking of the neighborhood bar because it is a joy to go there.

The staff is incredible. Ashley, Joe, Chantale and the crew are great. We don’t even order anymore, we just walk in, sit down and in a minute or so we have Sapphire martinis sitting in front of us. A bit  later we have this sitting in front of us:

How awesome are those nachos?

This has been a great way for us to talk, cry, and even fight. We’ve been “asked to leave” and offered a ride home from the pizza delivery guys. We always have good talks there, some (much) more serious than others, but in the end the important thing is that we both come away feeling that we’ve addressed things that are on our minds. Date night has been one of the things that has kept us sane and on the same page for the last year. I’m not sure how we got by without it.

I’d encourage others to take time to make a date night of their own. It doesn’t have to be every week, but make it regular and make it important.

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