Welcome back

Just a quick note to welcome back people to the blog.

It’s been a while, and the old one was focused on poker, which I haven’t played in any real way in a couple of years. I’m not all that outgoing, and my life isn’t all that exciting, so I kind of let the old one languish. Eventually the server crashed and I didn’t bother setting it back up. I know all the old links and RSS feeds are broken, but in reality, that’s a bunch of old low level poker grinding stories. Even I get bored reading those now.

My life has changed greatly since then, then next post will detail that.

It’s been an interesting couple of years since I last blogged, and although I can’t promise that it will be that exciting, but it could be a good way to vent and to stay connected. I don’t play much poker any more and there will definitely not be any hand histories here because I find them boring. My poker blog reading has shrunk to a handful of the old guard and maybe not surprisingly they don’t post a lot about poker.

Thanks for coming back, and I hope I can update this more frequently than I did when I basically just dropped off the face of the blogger earth.

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  1. Christine b Says:

    Awesome! Glad yer feeling the need to vent. It’s healthy.

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